SEO Training In Chennai From People Who Know Google Best!​

Venkatesh Krishna
Hello πŸ‘‹, Venkatesh Krishna here, started this blog with one simple mission “Helping.” I have designed the SEO Training in Chennai program to help college grads become SEO specialists and business owners to optimize the website to skyrocket their organic traffic.

Why SEO Is Important In 2021?​

SEO is a compounding growth initiative which delivers exponential returns with time. So it is essential to invest time, money, and resources on an ongoing basis (2021 & beyond too).
Vibin Baburajan Freshworks
Vibin Baburajan
Lead Digital Marketing, Freshworks.
SEO is a relationship driver between your brand and brand assets! To remember your brand your BUSINESS has to be visible in all types of search results.(web,images,news, video) It’s critical for your brand presence! I apply SEO with a UX mindset, so I always preach it as β€œSearch Xperience Optimization” to my team!
Venkatesa Madhan
Venkatesa Madhan V
Digital Marketing Head – Ex-ThoughtWorks
SEO is a marathon and do not result like a sprint. It takes time, but the result will be worth it. The best part about SEO is you get to list your content to the audience who are looking for your service, and you get more leads/customers. ROI will be low initially, but over time, SEO will provide a better ROI than any other marketing technique.
Hari Kumaran
CTO – OneDot Media
SEO is not just for digital businesses. Every company today needs to figure out how to market online. Doing SEO is like creating Asset for your company. But we’ll need to adapt to the shifting landscape.
Shiyam Sunder
Paid Search Specialist – Freshworks
In this digital era, SEO is transforming, it is no longer a good to have, it is a must-have for all kinds of businesses. To build a strong presence and long-term user engagement it is vital for brands to invest their time and efforts in SEO.
Rashmica Rajendhran
Lead – Digital Marketing – Mad Street Den
Content continues to rule marketing and to make sure that the content reach masses, SEO is the only viable medium. Though social can help content go viral, it can do that only for a few days while SEO traffic would be long-lasting.
Ezhil Raja
Digital Consultant, TCS
In these uncertain times, organic growth is the way forward for most companies. Investing in SEO will help companies reap benefits in the longer run and build a sustainable path to acquire new customers. However SEO is not easy – it requires patience and a lot of persistence. With the right techniques deployed consistently, you are guaranteed of out-sized returns.
Srivatsan Padmanabhan
CoFounder – GoFloaters
In my close to 5 years in SaaS, I have seen SEO transition from being keyword-first to human-first. And it’s natural. As content discovery is no longer the monopoly of search engines, the need to create relevance and not just β€˜push the keyword’, is not lost on search engine algorithms either.
Sharan Suresh
Head Of Marketing – Chargebee
SEO is one of the fundamental efforts to generate sustainable & long-term traffic to your website. With budget limitations and an increasing number of users who opt for organic search results over ad results, it’s now imperative to pursue high-quality content and regular optimisations that favor the search environment.
Krithika Ramani
Digital Marketer & Consultant – Wisoft Solutions
I think SEO is important for any business that has its presence online. We started leveraging SEO from the start, as you know, it takes at least an year to see its results. Now we are seeing a steep growth πŸ“ˆ in our website traffic every month. This is the power of SEO.
Product Marketer – Hippo Video

What you'll learn

Are you planning to learn SEO or improve your search engine optimization skills to the next level and don’t know where to start? You’ve landed at the right destination. We have curated a free comprehensive seo guide, resources, and tools to educate SEO for free of cost. Also, we are providing SEO training in Chennai as well as online by request.

Check the following SEO course roadmap and plan yourself to learn all the aspects and phases of the SEO process.

🧠 Right SEO Mindset

Most SEO Aspirants do not have the right SEO Mindset as they are not aware of how SEO works. Lots of free resources are available online, but those are all unstructured and overloaded information. We have curated SEO resources very carefully, from basics to advanced, so that you can understand the different aspects of SEO projects, such as project timelines, budget, reports, client and vendor management.

Before deep diving to advance concepts, learn the SEO basics and build a better foundation.

🌐 Domain Registration & Hosting

Choosing the right Domain name and hosting is considered to be the most important decision when starting a business, In SEO training in Chennai will let you know about some mandatory factors that you need to check out while picking your Hosting Plan and the Domain Name in a simple and reliable way.

✨ Web Hosting

✨ Learn WordPress

Most business people panic about incorporating a suitable cms & web design for their brand as the cost of having someone helps in design, build or adequately maintaining them is reliably high. Still, you must have an SEO-friendly website. You can try out WordPress CMS as cost-effective and access them anywhere without much effort.

Webmaster Console & Google Analytics

πŸ” Keyword Research

Keyword Research involves deep research in choosing the correct phrase and keywords that your targeted audience will search for in the search engine.

πŸ’¬ Content Optimization

Writing a researched and quality content for your website is more important to make your site listed on the search engine results and undoubtedly improves your brand online presence. A confusing, sloppy, or bloated content on your website will bring a huge loss to your Business.

πŸ“ƒ Onpage SEO

On Page SEO is one of the effective and important techniques every business owner should focus among the various aspects of SEO Process, this indicates the optimization of each web pages on your website in a Search Engine Friendly Prospect.

πŸ”— Offpage Optimization

Writing a researched and quality content for your website is more important to make your site get listed on the search engine results and undoubtedly improves your brand online presence. A confusing, sloppy or bloated content on your website will bring a huge loss in your Business.

πŸ“ Blogger Outreach

πŸ“ Local SEO

80 % of the people in the world search for a business location online, confirm whether they exist before they arrive. In order to attract customers and improve traffic on your state or country, you need a Local SEO Strategy.

πŸ“ Build Citation

To understand the LOCAL SEO Authority, you need the citations, this is used for mentioning your personal business information like Name, Phone Number, Address etc. You need to build citation on your targeted high local authority sources for increasing the traffic and rankings.

πŸ“ Curated SEO Tools

To improve your visibility on the web you will need an SEO Tool, and they are most important for generating customers and revenue to your website. There are many SEO tools available for various needs.


Anyone with basic Internet and computer knowledge can enrol on this course. But bachelor degree is essential to get SEO jobs in MNCs and digital marketing agencies.

You need atleast four weeks to learn the knock and corner of the SEO concepts. But, to become a specialist, you need to work on various local, international, enterprise & E-commerce SEO atleast for three years. We strongly recommend having a personal website for trial and error.

We have collected the following salary data from real people and updated it in 2021.

βœ… SEO Executives: The salary range for newbies and interns will be around 6000 to 8000 INR.

βœ… SEO Analysts: If you have six months to 2 years of experience with some certification, you will get around 10k to 15k INR.

βœ… SEO Specialists: For candidates with 3 to 7 years of experience, the salary will be around 5lacs to 8lacs.

βœ… SEO Managers: You can become a manager at your 8 to 15 years of experience, and you can make around 13 lacs to 23 lacs.

MNC’s – Enterprise / International SEO Projects

βœ… Accenture – ( Perungalathur, OMR )
βœ… Cognizant – ( Thoraipakkam, Sholinganallur )
βœ… Mindtree – ( Tharamani ) – Highest Payer In Chennai
βœ… TCS – ( Velachery, Navalur )
βœ… HCL – (Sholinganallur )

B2B Companies – SEO For Products.

βœ… Freshworks – ( Perungudi )
βœ… Zoho – ( Chengalpattu )
βœ… Chargebee – ( Perungudi )
βœ… Hippo Video – ( Guindy )
βœ… Animaker – ( Tharamani )

E-commerce SEO Companies

βœ… – ( Guindy )
βœ… Netmeds – ( Royapettah )
βœ… Sulekha ( Kinda Ecommerce ) – Egmore
βœ… Shyaway – Maduravoyal
βœ… – ( Mandaveli )

Top SEO Agencies

βœ… Socialbeat – ( Egmore )
βœ… O3M – ( T. Nagar )
βœ… Infinix – ( Velachery )
βœ… Tech Magnate – ( Kolathur )
βœ… Spinta Digital – ( Nungambakkam )