WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Guide For Budding WordPress Users

First of all, it is essential to understand that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two completely different platforms with no inter-relation. A lot of people confuse one with the other and end of wondering which one is the better amongst the two. This article aims to clear the confusion and enhance better understanding about these two platforms so that the users can clearly choose the one that suits their expectations.

What makes WordPress.org successful?

Users don’t have to invest a single penny to get started. Once you start, you literally ‘own’ your site with full authority and no one can bar your site’s operation without your knowledge. You get the privilege to use tools for custom analytics and tracking for better performance. Making bucks from your site also becomes possible by posting your own ads. The freedom to design your WordPress site and format it as per your choice of themes and styling is possible which makes WordPress.com all the more user-friendly. Also, you get the added advantage of posting WordPress plugins on the site which can be free of cost or paid or customized.

What are the concerns in WordPress.org?

Since you are the owner of the site, you are responsible for making periodic updates to keep your site perfectly functioning. Similarly, taking backups is also the job of the site owner. Another major turn-down is the fact that you need web hosting for your system which will incur higher costs than initially expected.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a similar site which was started as a web hosting service with different plans and respectively varying costs. It is the best choice for beginners who have no professional motive and write blogs for a hobby rather than money.

What are the positives in WordPress.com?An internal space of 3GB is freely provided to each user initially. When the user runs out of this memory, they can avail other options by paying money. Unlike WordPress.org, here WordPress.com itself maintains updates and takes backups.

What are the limitations in WordPress.com?

Customization of your websites cannot be done easily on your own and the site restricts you from downloading plugins. Also, you don’t get the option of using statistics tools on your own. The biggest limitation is the fact that you are not allowed to place ads on your site whereas the WordPress.org has full access to sell ads via your site. Along with these, they can remove your site from functioning as per their rules and its violations.

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Finally, which is better?

For those of you, who are confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org then its high time you realized the massive difference between the two! WordPress.org is the real version which is more advantageous than WordPress.com which came up later.

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