November 2017


Hunting SEO Jobs in Chennai?

A simple guide to help you land in a SEO job in Chennai


Ways revealed for hitting on that SEO Jobs in Chennai

Are you that person who always had a flair for SEO writing and could toy around with words with subtle ease? If you are a person who has got the skills needed for keyword research, and also possesses a deep understanding of consumers and what they surf online, you could be a perfect SEO specialist in the market. The real challenge arises when you decide to settle for an SEO related career but then realize that the job-searching process is quite a tedious one. So here we, to tell you how to land yourself in one of the many SEO jobs in Chennai.

Thins to do before applying for SEO jobs

Brush up your SEO skills

Develop your writing

Meanwhile, also do a lot of homework about the basics of SEO writing and the essentials for this job. Learn about link-building, familiar words on the Internet, the importance of keywords and the whole necessity for the websites to rank higher in the Google search results. Before applying for SEO jobs in Chennai, Revise your grammar lessons and have impeccable spellings and writing skills. Learn to work with tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and others. Motivate yourself to become a passionate learner as you may have to write about anything under the Sun.

Be active in Social Media

Make it a point to hit the ‘Follow’ button of your dream digital marketing companies in Chennai in all forms of social media. Maintain regular activity by commenting, sharing, re-tweeting and liking their posts. Further then, get yourself introduced to the employees of the company and get in touch with them to stay updated about the company and its job openings. Whenever the company opens any discussion in the forum, become a part of it by voicing your genuine opinions and build a good rapport with all the people there. Also, make good use of the ‘FollowerWonk’ to identify the key influencers in Twitter and get along with them.

Research about the Company

So if you have decided to get on foot and work for an SEO career then as a stepping stone, visit their company site. Come to an understanding about their business practices, working style, accomplishments motives. Familiarize yourself with their latest job offers, openings and the recent happenings in the company you are interested in. Log up to sites like LinkedIn and Naukri to identify the latest jobs and apply for them instantly.

Impress the Potential Employer

Do some dedicated research to know about the company and its senior members. Connect with the digital marketing head of the company over professional sites like LinkedIn and get to know about them and let them know about you. Moreover, find the Human Resources Manager of the company and get into engaging relationships with them. Pass over your resume to him/her along with your portfolio.

Notable Agencies/Companies

Pixel Studios
UMM Studios
Spinta Digital

Now that you know better about what this job profile expects, get set and apply to your dream SEO jobs in Chennai! Bag that coveted offer and slay right away!

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