November 2017


A Guide: Comparison of SEO Course fees and Requirements


The cost of attending the best SEO course can be substantial. These days SEO plays an important role in uplifting a website and so it’s very important to know every detailed information about SEO. If you are aware of SEO course fees that are involved at various stages in advance, you would be in a comfortable position to make appropriate arrangements, so that you do not face any financial hurdles.

There are many costs which prospective students tend to oversee, so having some basic idea about the various aspects involved would ease your SEO Training journey. Our expert professionals train the students about every step regarding SEO so that they know every minute detail about it.

Split up of SEO course fee

SEO Course Fees

Website cost– A website plays a pivotal role in SEO. We teach you how to calculate the perfect price for your website, by using factors such as costs of different parts of web design and website development costs.

Domain name registration – The price for domain name registration varies from Rs 100 to 1000. It’s very important to have your personal registered domain name as it gives you a unique identity. Domain name helps you to enhance your brand, and build your reputation. We train you in searching an unique domain name which will increase your SEO ranking.

Website hosting – Web hosting plays a pivotal role in building a website. One has to pay a separate amount of 1000 INR for web hosting. Web hosting enables your website to carry all the important files for your customers to see.

Themes – We train you to design or select responsive themes for your website, as themes enhance the flow and readability of the website. The availability of many free themes makes it very easy to choose the best one. If you want to build a great website invest some money on themes.

Content development – If you are capable of writing content in English, then no need to worry about it. If you are not proficient in writing, hire some freelancer to get work done as meaningful and quality content increases the SEO ranking of a website. Approximate cost for 500 words content will be 400INR.

Trainer’s fee – Checking the credentials of personal trainers before joining the course is necessary. Check his experience, certification, approach & flexibility. Approximate SEO course fees for trainers will be Rs 6000 to 15000.

SEO Course fees in Chennai

The sole intent is to give the students a particular ‘range’ rather than one number. For this purpose, I have ‘randomly’ chosen few SEO Training Institutes in Chennai. Most of the information is taken from the website and verified by phone calls. So here’s the math on how we’ve worked out how much SEO course can cost for the particular duration.

AcademyFees (INR)Duration (Hours)Portfolio Website
DMC8,00030Yes + 4000 INR
Besant Technologies17,00030No
Think IT Training15,00045No
Zuan Education8,00030Yes + 4000 INR
Meta Forum Technologies800025Yes
Peridot Systems15,00045No
SEO Training Community7000Till You get proficientYes

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