November 2017


Learn SEO with Unique Pedagogy


Learn SEO from right people

Facts and proof speak volumes. We lay down a detailed training program to learn SEO that we have designed specifically to guarantee a personal and professional touch on every single pupil.

Background of the Pupil

Before joining SEO Training, a detailed background check of the candidate is undertaken to personally understand the candidates’ aspirations. The mindset of the candidate is analyzed to know if he is a fresher experimenting with SEO, an experienced pupil undergoing career alteration or a curious candidate in desperate need to prove his hidden talent.

Website Selection

Once the background analysis is done and the pupil is categorized they are encouraged to choose a domain of choice from a variety of options. The choice might not be a clear first, but we guide the candidate and help him optimize the best platform for himself.

SEO Trained

The pupil is trained profusely on SEO techniques though training sessions. Finally a hands on is done by the candidate on the preferred. This will gain the required confidence on SEO.

Portfolio Preparation

The pupil is helped in the Preparation of his own portfolios/online resumes. The real time SEO implemented is included in it, thereby boosting his career opportunities.

Concluding prep up

We do not invite the companies and job creators to select our candidates; instead we ensure that our candidates get selected in the company of their choice trusting purely on our training program. We conduct mock up interviews to boost their one on one interview confidence level also. We conduct a series of placements and guidance lectures which aid the candidate in their placements. On contrary to other companies, SEO Training Community keeps in touch with the pupil by providing after classes support and conduct periodic meetings for the pupil even after the course completion.

By the end of the course, you would be impressed with yourself owing to all the fine-tuned talents. At such low prices and personal care, you can become the most hunted talent. Exploit this opportunity and explore with us.

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