7 Pro tips for domain name & extensions selection.

One of my customers wanted a domain name for the business. He has searched the desired name on the reputed domain service provider and finalized the final one, it was around 400 INR. But he didn’t purchase at that moment. After a few days, he searched the same domain with purchase intent but the price was not 400 INR, they have increased the price to 20000 INR. This is called domain poaching. This is how domain registrars making more money. To avoid this you follow two tumb rules.

  • If you find the right domain name and extension, buy it right away.
  • If you want to check the domain availability, use domainr.com. I’m using this tool for the past 6 years I never experienced any fishy activities. Also, you can check n no of TLD availability for your brand.

Tips for selecting the domain name & extension (TLDs)

Selecting a domain name is not an easy task, it required lots of efforts. When you register a domain you are buying a web identity for your business. So keep the following tips when you pick the one.

  • Buy the right domain extension. Extensions are usually found in the suffix of the domain name. If your business is global, then buy generic TLD like .com or .net. If you are running a business in a particular location buy country-specific extensions such as .in, .co.in
  • Keep it typeable & short because customers may type the URL wrongly. Also, avoid using numbers and hyphen.
  • Use keywords if you provide niche services like us. We are providing SEO training, so we bought seotraining.co.
  • If you are providing the service within a particular radius, then use the area name in URL. Example: https://www.floristchennai.com
  • Some names are trademarked, you can not use it even if it is available. If you violate there will a huge penalty.
  • If you find the right name and extension, just f***ing buy it, man.

Check the consistency on social media profiles

When you selecting the domain name you should also consider social media names too. Keeping a consistent name across all social media platform will increase the credibility of the brand. You can use KnowEM to do this activity for free of cost. By paying some $$$ you can avail the premium service to build your brand on various social media platforms.

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