13 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome web store is considered to be an impeccable portal that can offer various SEO tools which can help you with the essential SEO. So read on below to know the 13 perfect SEO Chrome extensions which you should add into your browser immediately.

Mangools SEO Extension
Through this extension, you can quickly analyze SEO which further includes backlink analysis, trend and authority metrics, rank tracking and on-page SEO data.

Page Analytics by Google
This is the best tool to know how your customers are navigating and interacting with the website. This tool can also give you better data of where the users click and also how many active members are there on the website and that too in real-time.

This is a Chrome extension by the SEMrush which gives you essential metrics like Google Index, Alexa Rank, Bing Index, and lots more.

BuzzSumo Extension
This is a famous content marketing tool which can help you search the trending content online, which is for any given topic. This extension also provides effective insights on how a content piece is performing, where you do not have to leave your web browser.

Ninja Outreach Lite
This is said to be a strong blogger outreach through which you can extract the essential website data. Through this Chrome extension, there is a lot of information provided like social media follower count, full name, location, backlinks, domain authority, full name, and Alexa rank.

This is a Chrome extension by Moz through which you can get quick SEO insights of various search engine result pages and websites where you do not have to leave your web browser.

WooRank Chrome Extension
The Chrome extension SEO & Website Analysis is by WooRank and provides in-depth information on the SEO report which is for any given website.

In order to build backlinks on your site effectively, you can use Broken Link Building but this tool is very time consuming and it, at times, can be an unrewarding task and it is for this reason that you should use LinkMiner. You can use LinkMiner to see the backlink info and also social data, which is for any link on a page.

Google Analytics URL Builder
Google Analytics is considered to be a very strong tool to track website traffic. Through the URL Builder extension, you can quickly tag the URL, which you want to be tracked by the Google Analytics campaigns.

Redirect Path
An important part of SEO redirects. Through the Redirect Path, you can see all the redirects from the URL which you have entered your final URL.

Bit.ly is considered to be the best among the URL shorteners. This extension can help you to shorten the links quickly. Page Load Time.

Page Load Time

It is important that your page loads quickly because it influences your site’s ranking. Through the Page Load Time, you can know the loading time of a webpage.

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